Saturday, August 27, 2016


June and July's challenge are still WIPs. Since they both use the same skill set I'll post them together on a later post. This month's challenge was actually suggested by my sister-in-law. She found this cute Pokémon Bulbasaur planter on Pintrest. Then after going to YouTube for further reference, a self watering one was discovered! The original planter was made with a 3D machine, this version is an adaptation. It was made with clay and painted afterwards and made self-watering.

With a bulk box of white Sculpty clay we began molding it. This process actually took an hour to complete. I was too focused on doing that, that I neglected to take pictures. As the main planter was baking, we made the small bowl that would hold water for the plant. After baking and painting we sealed it with a few coats of waterproof varnish. I have to admit, we began to lose some patience after painting the main planter. A piece of sponge acquired at the dollar store was cut out for the tongue. We inserted a Succulent and Poof! He's done!

Looking at my version I noticed, too late, that my Bulbasaur looked a bit cross eyed. That's okay though, I'll just say he's really focused on his aim! This was such a cute a fun project that I may make a couple more using other round-ish Pokémon, like Oddish , for example.